Unknown Territories / Okända vägnät


The taxi driver Marie picks up a strange, older woman on her night shift. She wants to be driven into the woods. Marie thinks the woman feels strangely familiar. As they come closer to their destination, Marie starts to remember repressed and horrifying fragments from her past.


Directed by Johan Wiman

Written by Tove Österlund

Produced by Anna Nolskog



Agnes Hirdwall, Eva Snis, Dag Lugnet



Cinematography: Tove Österlund

Editing: Anna Nolskog

VFX: Johan Wiman

Sound: Melissa Pons, Tove Österlund

Music: Tove Österlund

Mix: Anders Nyström, Melissa Pons



Year of production: 2017

Length: 10 min

Genre: Drama, Fantastic, Thriller

Languages spoken: Swedish

Subtitles available: English, Spanish