In the Meantime / Emellan 

Maja meets Charles back in 1948 and they fall in love. He promises her to take her out but the days go by and Charles never comes. Every day, Maja walks out and stands at the doorstep of her house, waiting for Charles. The years go by and the act of waiting becomes Maja’s whole life.


Harriet Andersson, Malin Güettler, Inga Landgré, Saga Gärde, Helge Skoog, Sammi Lundehed-Sandell.


Tove Österlund Nolskog (screenwriter, director, cinematography and editor),
Anna Österlund Nolskog (line producer, assistant director, FAD and production design)
Marcel Risberg (sound design)
Edward Juracka (music)
Karin Stenwall (focus puller)
Pia Engman (clapper/loader)
Anders Hedqvist and Oskar Lundgren (grip)
Eddie Boschek (sound mixing)
Ylva Lindgren (still Photography)
Alexandra Källsson (make up and hair)
Samin Sadeghi (costume assistant)
Valentina Chamorro (continuity)


Format: Super 16 [1.78:1] colour
Length: 10.30 min
Company: Två Ljus Film & Produktion
Screening formats: Digibeta PAL, HDSR

This film was completed in 2010.