John and Nicolas are 15 years old and best friends. They are very interested in girls but quite insecure when it comes to a premiere sexual encounter with a girl. They decide that they should get some practice – on each other. Said and done, they cant look each other in the eyes. What will happen now? Can they remain friends?


Format: DSLR
Length: 14 min 30 sec
Company: Två Ljus Film
Screening formats: Blu-ray, Quick Time and DCP
Swedish School Distribution: FilmCentrum Riks.
International distribution: Peccadillo Pictures, Salzgeber & Co. Medien GmbH, Outplay Films.
Television screening: SVT (Swedish television) March 31th 2014.


Cast: Charlie Gustafsson, Joakim Lang, Sophie Adolfsson, Palmira Koukkari-Mbenga, Felicia Löwerdahl.

Crew: Anna Nolskog (screenwriter, director, editor and producer), Tove Österlund (cinematography, grading, grip and mastering), Ida Thomasdotter (Assistant director, make up and hair), Sofia Engdahl (FAD), Max Rangner (focus puller, grip), Edvin Steen (production designer), Erik Haal (music), William Hovlin (sound mixer), Erik Jönsson (sound design).



Skeive Filmer/Oslo Gay & Lesbian Film Festival , Norway, September 14th and 19th.

(Best Short Film)

The San Francisco International Festival of Short Film, USA, October 10th.

(Special Recognition for Drama)



BUFF, Children and Youth Film Festival 2013 in Malmö, Sweden, March 13th.

Melbourne Queer Film Festival, Australia, March 15th.

Cinema Queer International Film Festival 2013, Stockholm, Sweden, May 12th and September 19th.

Short Film Corner-Cannes Court Mètrage 2013, France, May 15th-26th.

HBTQ dagarna i Skövde, Sweden, May 19th.

Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival, Canada, May 25th.

Outfest Los Angeles LGBT Film Festival, USA, July 13th and 17th.

Qfest, Houston, USA, July 25th.

Newfest, New York City, USA, September 8th.

Hong Kong Lesbian & Gay Film Festival , Hong Kong, September 22th and October 1st.

Chéries-Chéris Festival du film GLBT de Paris, France, October 16th.

The Long Island (New York) Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, USA, November 8th.

Pink Screens Festival, Brussels, November 11th.


Mardi Gras Film Festival, Sydney, Australia, February 23th.

Proud Film Festival, Aarhus, Danmark

Torino Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Torino, Italy, May 4th.

Mix Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico, May 29th.

Xposed Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Berlin, Germany, May 29th.

Out Film Connecticut, Hatford, Connecticut, USA, June 1st.

FilmOut San Diego, San Diego, California, USA, June 1st.

Frameline38, San Fransisco, California, USA, June 19th.

Mix Copenhagen, Copenhagen Danmark, 5 October 5th.

Iris Price Film Festival, Cardiff, UK, October 11th.

Tampa International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Tampa, Florida, USA, October 11th.

Reel Q Pittsburgh LGBT Film Festival, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. October 14th.