Bury me in the Backyard / Begrav mig på bakgården

A 25-year old woman is persuaded by her father to return to the family home situated in a small town at the coast – a place that the woman hasn’t visited for years.
When the woman steps over the threshold of the house, it feels as if the time has frozen. The woman sees her mother Gunhild and realises that Gunhild hardly recognises her. On top of this, the 11-year old Linnea has been given the woman’s old bedroom. Later, we understand that Linnea is really a large doll that Gunhild believes to be a child – the woman as a little girl.

The woman eventually decides that she will stay and fight the problems from which the family suffers and resume the relationship with her mother. It is only by accepting Linnea that the woman can start to work through her own self-image and, eventually, reunite with her parents.


Ida Thomasdotter, Eva Fritjofson, Philip Zandén, Wilma Lidén and Anna-Lena Hemström.


Ida Thomasdotter (screenwriter, director and art director),
Anna Nolskog (producer, line producer and FAD)
Tove Österlund (cinematography, grip and grading)
Anja Lind (SAD)
Max Rangner (focus puller and grip)
Johan Wiman (sound mixer)
Eric Gustafsson (continuity)
Anders Nyström (sound design and music)
Jonas Sjögren (music)


Format: Canon 300 [1:1.85] MXF. Colour
Length: 25 min
Production company: Två Ljus Film & Produktion
Screening formats: Blu-ray and Quick Time (Prores 422)